Police brutality against protesters of torture

'Girl forced to soil pants, boy beaten. They remained in police station all night,' says attorney.

Mordechai Sones ,

Police arrest at anti-torture protest
Police arrest at anti-torture protest
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Magistrates Court Judge Elad Persky rejected the police request to extend the arrest of two minors, one of them the 15-year-old son of the head of the "Lehava" anti-assimilation group, Benzi Gopstein, and an adult who were arrested during a demonstration against torture. The judge ordered to examine their serious rights violations allegations.

On Saturday night a demonstration was held before the Prime Minister's residence demanding a halt to the torture being applied to suspect minors in the terror attack. During the incident Border Policemen violently arrested the 15-year-old son of Gopstein, another girl, and an adult.

During their stay at the police station, police refused the girl a bathroom respite and after many hours of nighttime arrest the girl was forced to soil her clothes. The police also decided to leave the minors and the adult in the police station corridor without processing them in the detention center as required by law.

The next day the police asked to extend remand of the protesters by three days. Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, who represented Gopstein's son, sharply criticized the police and presented the judge with a ruling from a civil suit where police were forced to pay 10,000 shekels to a minor left in the hallway overnight in contravention of detention orders. He also showed the judge pictures of Gopstein's son's arrest in which he is seen being beaten by police.

Ben-Gvir claimed there was no cause for detention, and once the detention claims were investigated it was admitted there was no investigation to be completed. The attorney for the girl, Moshe Polski of the Honenu organizaton, strongly criticized the fact that the girl was denied use of the bathroom. Polski argued the detention was improper and that in any case, remand should not be extended for a demonstration, and that there was also no reason to release them under restrictive conditions.

Judge Persky rejected police claims and ruled there was no reason to extend the demonstrators' remand or to order their release under conditions, and therefore ordered their release conditioned only on signing a guarantee they would arrive for investigation or trial if required. The judge also ordered investigation into claims the minors were left in the police station corridor without a mattress or running water, as well as the minor's claims that she was forced to wet her pants, and that the minor was attacked by police officers.

"From incident to incident I'm amazed at the violation of the rights and abuse of right-wing demonstrators and ask myself where all the human rights organizations have gone - attacking children in the middle of a protest, leaving them in the corridor for a whole night without a bed or pillow to put their heads on. I intend to file a civil suit against this abuse," Ben-Gvir said this morning.

"We're happy the court released all the detainees unconditionally; from the outset there was no justification for the arrest. We demand the entire incident be transferred to the Police Investigation Department to examine the police conduct. It's inconceivable that demonstrators who came to protest democratically will fall victim to the illegal and immoral behavior of Border Police and interrogators at the station."