2019 Eurovision logo revealed

Selling of tickets for Eurovision 2019, to take place at Tel Aviv Expo, will begin at end of January via Leaan ticket office.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Eurovision logo
Eurovision logo

The logo of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, "Dare to Dream", unveiled in October, is joined by the official logo in Israel and Europe unveiled this morning, which together with the traditional generic heart logo are the branding of the competition this year.

The golden kinetic symbol is formed by the union of three triangles, reflected on one another and glowing together as one body, in order to emphasize the power of union and harmony, which are essential together to fulfill our dreams. The composition creates a shape that simulates a star, which corresponds to other Israeli symbols.

The idea and inspiration for the slogan are based on ideas of diversity, unity and inclusion, which are among the core values ​​of the competition throughout its years. The inspiration for the graphic element is "looking at the sky, at the stars" - an expression of the courage to dream, which embodies everything that the Eurovision represents.

The triangle is one of the oldest and most powerful symbols in the world. It symbolizes communication and is an important element in the arts, in music, in the study of the universe and in nature. When the three triangles make up the logo, they become a united and new entity, as in the Eurovision Song Contest, when all the participating countries unite in one event, glowing together and showing happiness and power to the world.

The Eurovision branding process is a collaboration between two leading Israeli branding agencies: Awesome Tel Aviv and ST / AF.