'Jew Ghetto': Vandals target Jewish community in small UK town

Locals shocked to discover vandals spray-painted 'Jew Ghetto', Star of David in small English town with significant Jewish population.

David Rosenberg ,

Definition of anti-Semitism
Definition of anti-Semitism

Vandals in a small English town targeted the local Jewish community with a series of spray-painted anti-Semitic slogans.

On Monday, residents of the town of Shenley, in Hertfordshire, England north of London, discovered that the words “Jew Ghetto” encompassing a Star of David had been spray-painted at several locations across the town.

Local authorities say three locations were vandalized with the anti-Semitic graffiti.

Shenley, home to some 4,500 people, is roughly 20% Jewish, according to the London-based Jewish Chronicle.

“As a Shenley resident and the descendant of families pretty much wiped out in the Holocaust I am sickened by this graffiti which I just drove past,” Michelle Spevick, a member of the local Jewish community wrote on Facebook.

“I doubt the person who did this feels remorse or shame but they badly need some educating. Police are aware and dealing. Having happily lived in this lovely, peaceful, warm and open community for nearly 15 years I am just so sad at this.”

Police said the vandalism was being investigated as “religiously aggravated criminal damage.”

“We received a report about graffiti on a fence in Porters Park Drive, Shenley, at 9.18am today," a police spokesperson said. “The fence is owned by Shenley Park Trust and they are being informed so that the graffiti can be removed.”

“Officers have also been informed of two other graffiti incidents using the same phrase and symbol, which have been sprayed onto a fence at Shenley Chapel in Porters Park Drive and also onto the Chapel wall itself.”