Shaked meets families of detained minors

Justice Minister meets families of youths held by Shin Bet on suspicion of murdering Arab woman in stoning attack.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Flash 90

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked met on Monday with the families of the minors detained by the Shin Bet on suspicion of involvement the murder of an Arab woman in October.

Representatives of the families said that Minister Shaked heard at length their claims against the detention conditions of their children.

Yesterday, the Shin Bet revealed that the youths were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the murder of Palestinian Authority resident Aisha Rabi in a stoning attack in October. In addition, the Shin Bet accused the youths of acting out an anti-Zionist ideology by burning an Israeli flag and writing 'death to the Zionists' on another flag.

The Shin Bet claimed that the investigations are conducted in accordance with the law to prevent terrorism as the attack on Rabi is considered an act of terrorism. "The claim that the suspects were 'kidnapped' is baseless. The suspects were arrested under arrest warrants issued before the arrest by a judge and immediately after their arrest, their families were informed."

According to the Shin Bet security service, "the suspects were prevented from meeting with a lawyer for the first six days of interrogation because they were suspected of committing a serious terrorist act, which was committed from time to time against both Arab and Jewish suspects. The court rejected the first appeal and the second appeal was rejected in view of the consent of the defense attorneys to extend the prohibition for another agreed period of time."

The Shin Bet also stated that the detainees are being held according to standard procedures, in complete isolation from adult detainees in the detention facility, when the interrogators operate according to the instructions of the medical authorities and the treatment of the Shin Bet.

"The interrogees were examined and did not raise any complaints with the Shin Bet, medical authorities, and not with the courts as part of the detention extension and appeals hearings that took place," the security service stated.

According to the Shin Bet's statement, during their detention, interrogees were provided with all of their religious needs, including prayer items and clothing, and the option to pray on Shabbat. "The interrogees receive kosher food, and there were no complaints about their quality or quantity of food."

"During the hearings held so far in the matter of the interrogees in the Judea and Samaria District Court and the District Court, the respondents did not raise any claims regarding their medical or mental condition or any claim regarding their treatment by the interrogators. It should be emphasized that during the hearings, the judges asked the interrogees about their situation during the hearings, and as stated, no complaints were raised on these matters by them.

"The Shin Bet will not be detered by a campaign of defamation and delegitimization conducted by interested parties, and will continue to act resolutely against anyone involved in terrorist activities, and will do so with all the tools available to it according to law," they added.