Wave of arrests in first undercover police operation of 2019

Following work of undercover agent, police arrest dozens of suspects, including minors, for drug trafficking offenses in southern Israel.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Police in the Lachish region of southern Israel carried out a wave of arrests this morning as part of the first undercover agent operation in 2019 by Police.

In recent months, the Lachish Central Unit of the Police had an undercover agent operating, gathering evidence against dozens of suspects, including minors, in drug trafficking offenses.

This morning a wave of arrests was carried out in the south, and later today police will request from the courts to have the suspects remain under arrest.

During the past six months in the course of the activities of the undercover agent and covert officers, the agent was able to collect incriminating evidence against 40 suspects from the southern region, among them a number of minors, the youngest of whom was 14 years old, who were arrested this morning by dozens of police officers.

The police agent acted by using a network of messages and texting with the suspects, revealing the identity of the suspects who ordered the drugs, coordinated the deliveries and distributions. After months of the undercover operation and gathering concrete evidence police raided this morning the homes of those suspected of trafficking and distributing drugs including Crystal Meth, LSD, Cannabis, and Ecstacy.

The suspects arrested live in various areas in the south , mostly in Ashkelon, and will be brought to the Ashkelon Court later today.