A gift for Netanyahu - 'the normalization pen'

Following demolition in Amona, the Young Settlement Forum sends a new pen to the PM with which he can sign orders to normalize communities.

Hezki Baruch ,

'The normalization pen'
'The normalization pen'

The Young Settlement Forum found it difficult to remain indifferent to the scenes of destruction in Amona, while at the same time the normalization of dozens of communities in Judea and Samaria remains stuck.

The Forum wondered whether the Prime Minister's Office only possessed pens intended to sign demolition orders and decided to send a gift to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu - a “normalization pen”, which would help him sign orders for the normalization of dozens of communities.

A representative of the organization, Eran Degani, arrived at the Prime Minister's Office on Thursday and asked to pass the new pen to Netanyahu's office alongside a letter written by the leaders of the Young Settlement Forum.

"In the face of the terrible destruction this morning, you also have the ability to fix and enable the normalization of communities, restoring the rights to the tens of thousands of residents who live in them,” the letter reads.

"Just as you signed the demolition order this morning, you will be able to sign orders that allow the normalization of communities. You have the ability to do so!" the letter continues. “We understand that your office has pens that are used for demolition orders only, and as a result you apparently have not signed the normalization so far, so we are honored to give you a new pen - the normalization pen. Now that this obstacle has been removed, we will be grateful for your quick signature.”

The letter notes that the communities that have yet to be normalized are in an impossible situation.

“The tens of thousands of residents who serve in the reserves and pay taxes do not receive basic infrastructure services such as electricity, water, telephone and internet services, and are forced to travel on faulty and dangerous roads without basic security and safety components, in addition to their property rights being trampled,” it said.

"We are confident that you are interested in normalizing the settlement enterprise and strengthening our hold on the Land of Israel. With great pain we saw this morning how, with a flick of a pen, you again approved the destruction of buildings in Amona, even though these were built on land that was legally purchased."

Letter to Netanyahu with the "normalization pen". Photo: Spokesperson