Watch: Officers use pepper spray on settler youths in Samaria

Border Policeman filmed using pepper spray Jewish youths at Geulat Zion outpost.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Officer using pepper spray
Officer using pepper spray

A Border Police officer was documented near the Geulat Zion outpost when he sprayed pepper spray at civilians indiscriminately and in contravention of police procedures. Five youths were lightly injured.

The incident occurred a few weeks ago near the Geulat Zion in Gush Shilo, after Arabs and left-wing activists arrived near the outpost.

Attorney Menashe Yado of the Honenu legal organization filed a complaint against the policeman this week, describing the incident: "At one point, a border police officer came out of the jeep and threatened them with tear gas, and threatened to spray them with tear gas."

"There is no connection between the circumstances of the incident and the exceptional and specific circumstances in which it is permitted to spray people with pepper spray," said Yado, who demanded that "the appropriate measures be taken against the policeman who sprayed them." In addition, Yado noted that he intends to file a civil suit against the policeman.

On Thursday, the same policeman was documented again during the evacuation of Amona, threatening youths with pepper spray, again contrary to police procedures.