Seven injured during evacuation in Amona

Seven injured after clashes break out between security forces and youths in Amona.

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Elad Benari ,

Youths in Amona
Youths in Amona
Amona Youth

Security forces arrived in the community of Amona on Thursday morning to evacuate two structures that were placed there.

According to the police, 200 youths who barricaded themselves in the structures poured oil on the road and threw objects in an attempt to prevent the evacuation.

Five policemen and two youths were reportedly lightly injured in clashes that broke out. They were evacuated to hospitals in Jerusalem for treatment.

Youth in Amona
Credit: Amona Youth

Earlier this week, the State Prosecutor's Office informed several of the evacuees that if the buildings were not dismantled within 48 hours, they would be confiscated. The ultimatum was issued despite the fact that the area was legally purchased.

On Wednesday, the residents made it clear that they refused to vacate the structures they placed in Amona and give in to the State Prosecutor’s ultimatum.

The residents bought the land for several million shekels, and the deal was approved by the Civil Administration, but also requires the approval of the political echelon, i.e. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu who also serves as Defense Minister, who does not intend to act on the matter.