Liberman: Netanyahu doesn't belong to the right

Former defense minister tours illegal Bedouin outpost which PM promised to evacuate. 'It is now January 1st, nobody is evacuating it.'

Ido Ben Porat ,

Liberman in Khan al-Ahmar
Liberman in Khan al-Ahmar

Yisrael Beytenu chairman and former Defense Minister MK Avigdor Liberman toured the Khan al-Ahmar area on Tuesday and attacked Prime Minister Netanyahu for postponing the evacuation of the illegal outpost from week to week.

Liberman said that Khan al-Ahmar symbolizes the Palestinian Authority's takeover of state land, as he put it. "On the night between the 20th and 21st of October 2018, we were supposed to evacuate this entire outpost. On the night between Saturday night and Sunday, October 19, I received a letter from the Prime Minister demanding that the evacuation of Khan al-Ahmar be delayed.”

"On October 21, the cabinet met and at the end of the discussion it was decided to postpone the evacuation by a few weeks but that, in any case, until the end of the year Khan al-Ahmar would be evacuated," Liberman said. "We are now on January 1st, 2019 and no one intends to evacuate Khan al-Ahmar. "

The former defense minister attacked, "I heard that the prime minister is starting with Christmas presents to Hamas. Today, a decision is to be made to increase the fishing area in the Gaza Strip. At the end of the week, they are supposed to transfer another $15 million to Hamas. Therefore, those who surrender to terrorism do not belong to the right, he is only right in words, a false right. The only real right is Yisrael Beytenu. We stick to principles and not to chairs."

Liberman claimed that the Arabs who live in Khan al-Ahmar want to be evacuated. "The reason they do not evacuate is because they have received threats from the Palestinian Authority that whoever vacates will be considered a traitor, and therefore they do not evacuate, just because they fear the Palestinian Authority. Here, too, we see the government's surrender to terror."

The chairman of Yisrael Beytenu mentioned that Netanyahu also prevented the evacuation of the illegal Arab outpost in Susya. "Just as they canceled the evacuation of Khan al-Ahmar at the last minute, I also received an order to delay the evacuation in Har Hevron. An illegal outpost that separates the excavations and the community itself. I also tried to evacuate in Susiya, and despite the possibility and the sanction of the High Court of Justice, there, too, the prime minister prevented the evacuation of that illegal outpost."