Likud MK: 'Zionist Union' falling apart from within

MK Anat Berko attacks MK Merav Michaeli who shunned word 'Zionist' in 'Zionist Union'; 'Michaeli's no different from Joint Arab List.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Flash 90

MK Anat Berko (Likud) strongly criticizes MK Merav Michaeli, who said that her party's name - the "Zionist Union" - is creating estrangement among the Arab public.

"Michaeli's statement is actually her and some of her friends' estrangement from Zionism. She's no different from the Joint List," said Barko.

Are quotes like Michaeli's and the establishment of new parties on the Left doing the work for you?

"The Likud is doing the work. For four years I've been legislating laws for the State of Israel and for the security of Israel. There are people who are engaged in petty politics; we in the Likud are leading the country. I don't see the satellite and niche parties like Shaked and Bennett's that can lead the country. We'll continue to grow. The people of Israel don't want splinter parties."

Are you afraid that Bennett and Shaked will win seats?

"The Likud doesn't have to reinvent itself. The establishment of their party doesn't endanger the Likud and their move is presumptuous, but that's their problem."