Jordanian MP claims Israel aided US in Saddam Hussein's capture

Arab media outlets cite Jordanian lawmaker's claim that Israel aided US in locating Iraqi dictator.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Saddam Hussein after his capture
Saddam Hussein after his capture

A Jordanian lawmaker has claimed that Israel’s Mossad intelligence service aided the US in locating and capturing Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in December 2003.

According to a report by the London-based Rai Al-Youm, the Iraqi leader was captured by US forces thanks in part to information extracted from an aide to Hussein, Muhammed Ibrahim.

Sheikh Mohamad al-Hadid, a Jordanian lawmaker and member of the opposition, claimed that after the US captured Ibrahim, he was transferred to Israel’s Mossad agency for interrogation. The Mossad, al-Hadid claimed, managed to extract information from Ibrahim, including the location of the deposed Iraqi leader, who fled the capital following the US invasion.

Al-Hadid further claimed that then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was excited by the operation which led to Hussein’s capture, and Israel’s role in locating the Iraqi dictator.

The Jordanian lawmaker also claimed that Sharon visited Hussein following his capture.

There is no indication the Israeli leader ever visited Iraq, where Hussein was held pending his trial.

No official sources have confirmed Israel’s involvement in the operation to apprehend the Iraqi leader.