Punishment for broadcasting 'misogyny': Host feminists in studio

Morning radio DJ accused of 'misogyny' to host 1 feminist a week who will speak 10 minutes while he isn't allowed to interrupt or criticize.

Mordechai Sones,

Gender expertise
Gender expertise

An Argentine radio broadcaster accused of "misogyny" has been ordered to host one feminist operative every week on his program and to let them speak for 10 minutes uninterrupted and without criticism.

Shock jock Angel Etchecopar aka "Baby" on his Radio 10 show The Angel of Noon stated feminists are “disgusting people” and “feminazis”, reported Le Monde.

Buenos Aires prosecutors charged the 65-year-old with making "disrespectful, insulting, denigrating, and discriminatory" statements against women.

As part of the agreement to have the case dropped, Etchecopar agreed to issue a public apology, avoid making "discriminatory remarks" for a year, host "gender experts" weekly for five months, and make a 15,000 peso (1,500 NIS) donation to charity, reports the Independent. If he breaks terms the case could be reopened.

The British BBC reported as part of the settlement Etchecopar will be required to host one feminist on his show once a week for five months. He will be forbidden to interrupt the guest for 10 minutes, and when she finishes, he will not be allowed to criticize her. During the guest's speech no advertisements will be broadcast.

Etchecopar will not choose the interviewee; he will receive a list of approved "gender experts" from the prosecution, and Argentina's "Special Gender Violence Prosecutor" will provide discussion topics.

“Etchecopar came to the inquiry with a repentant attitude and showed himself to be very different from the personality I had seen in the media," Prosecutor Federico Vilalba Diaz told La Nacion. "It seemed important to me that the listeners of Baby Etchecopar could hear other voices and other explanations, different from the ones they are used to,” he added.

The deal comes into force in March.