Woman rescued after losing way in wilderness 3 days

Rescuers transfer woman to MDA for treatment; condition light showing signs of dehydration.

Mordechai Sones ,

Rescuing woman
Rescuing woman
Israel Firefighters and Rescue - Jerusalem District

Members of the special firefighters and rescue unit in Beit Shemesh today rescued a woman trapped on a cliff over the Har Tuv quarry in Beit Shemesh.

The rescuers transferred the woman to MDA for medical treatment in light condition and showing signs of dehydration.

The woman told rescuers she had lost her way in the wilderness for about three days, and in the early morning hours tried to extricate herself climbing the cliff but was caught there.

In the afternoon, quarry workers noticed her and called the fire fighters, who quickly rescued and sent her for medical treatment.

Officer Yossi Asraf, commander of the special firefighting and rescue unit in Beit Shemesh, relates: "We were rushed to the Har Tuv quarry in the early afternoon after being told by workers about a 55-year-old woman trapped on a cliff above the quarry.

"We arrived at the site in short order and saw the woman was in a state of emotional tension and dehydration," he says. "She went out for a walk in the wilderness about three days ago but lost her way. We covered her with warm clothing, harnessed her to a stretcher, and with a dedicated rope system, we rescued her in light condition for further medical treatment. I'm glad we succeeded in helping this lady and transferring her for medical treatment that undoubtedly prevented significant harm to her health."