Arab MKs petition Supreme Court after Knesset rejects bill

Arab lawmakers turn to Supreme Court after Knesset refuses to consider bill negating Israel's Jewish character.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

MK Jamal Zahalka
MK Jamal Zahalka
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On Monday, the Supreme Court will hear a petition by Arab Members of Knesset who protested a decision by the Knesset to block a bill negating Israel's status as a Jewish state from being brought to a vote.

Knesset Member Jamalah Zahalka (Joint List) spoke out on the petition before he entered the Supreme Court Monday, and called on justices to reverse the Knesset's decision not to discuss the bill.

Zahalka, with the backing of his party, had pushed the Knesset to consider his bill defining Israel as a "State of All Its Citizens" - as opposed to a Jewish state.

“With our petition to the Supreme Court against the decision by the Knesset to invalidate the 'State of all its citizens' bill, we hope to show that this [proposal] is legitimate and worthy, and the decision to disqualify it is anti-parliamentary, violates our rights in the Knesset, and is anti-democratic.”

"The High Court of Justice allowed [our party] to run to the Knesset advocating for Israel to become a state of all its citizens, but the Speaker of the Knesset has blocked us. [Speaker] Edelstein masquerades as a democrat, but he is not one."