Innovative thinking combines Education MA with English-teaching

Two programs, when run concurrently, offer a comprehensive package for budding Jewish educators.

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University of Jerusalem
University of Jerusalem
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Innovative Thinking Combines MA Education Studies with Teaching Internships in Israeli schools.

Consider the idea of studying for an MA in Education while teaching English in Israel. Two programs, MASA Israel Teaching Fellows (MITF) and MA in Education from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, which till now existed independently of each other, when run concurrently, offer a comprehensive package for budding Jewish educators.

Concurrent Programs for Jewish Educators

The MASA Israel Teaching Fellowship (MITF) is open to graduates from any field of study and enables young Jews the chance to explore their Jewish identity while living for ten months in Israeli communities and tutoring Israeli school-children. Flight, accommodation, medical insurance and a monthly stipend are all included.

An MA in Education specializing in Jewish Education is offered by Melton Centre for Jewish Education at the prestigious Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel's top-ranking university, and ranked in the top 100 in the world. What makes the MA Education program unique is that the studies focus on Jewish Education, it is taught in English and uses a blended learning model of two online semesters and a six-week intense summer semester. Students may choose to complete the MA Education studies either one or two years.

Participation in both programs affords firsthand experience as an educator enhanced with the opportunity to teach in Israel, and relevant study content. Driven by the vision of inspired and inspiring Jewish educators in Israel and around the world, The Melton Centre for Jewish Education will grant a tuition discount for students who participate or participated in the MASA Teaching Fellowship.

Rewarding Experience

Combining the vibrant distance learning study program with an intensive six-week semester in Israel grants students flexibility in choosing their study hours, and helps them fill in the afternoon hours between tutoring English or MASA DNA-related classes and social activities.

The opportunity to combine academic studies with hands-on experience as well as gaining first-hand interaction with Israelis and Israeli life will facilitate a rewarding experience for both student/teacher and pupil. A Master's Degree in Education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem paves the way to better employment opportunities in the field of informal and formal Jewish education, and reaches pupils of all ages.

As MASA Israel Teaching Fellows, participants will become an integral part of the educational system in Israel, influencing generations to come of Israeli children learning English. Students who choose both programs will benefit not only from a rich and rewarding program in Jewish Education but will have the opportunity to put their studies into practice.

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