Synagogue kugel poisoned

Worshipers at Darchei Torah synagogue in Beitar Ilit detect sharp taste in kugel served at Kiddush after Shabbat prayers.

Mordechai Sones ,

Arutz Sheva

Worshipers at the Darchei Torah Synagogue on HaHozeh M'Lublin Street in Betar Illit detected a chemical flavor in the kugel served at the end of Shabbat morning services, the Kikar Shabbat website reported.

According to the report, some worshipers began to vomit and thought the Kugel had gone off. Synagogue officials came to the kitchen to examine the scene and discovered a can of K300 insect spray on the kitchen floor.

Synagogue officials suspect that boys entered the synagogue's kitchen late on Friday night and sprayed the kugel with poisons they found in the synagogue's warehouse as a prank.

Synagogue officials are considering filing a police complaint.

The Israel Poison Information Center of the Health Ministry is the National Poison Center of Israel. They provide expert advice on poisonings to the general public via a telephone hotline that operates 24/7. They also answer questions on drugs, their effects, and allergic reactions. The Poison Hotline's number is 04-854-1900.