Canadian play: Why does ZAKA prefer Jews over terrorists?

Israeli-Canadian play deals with ZAKA decision to ignore directive to treat terrorists in same way as Jews. 'Even morality has boundaries.'

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Guy Cohen ,


An Israeli-Canadian play called "The Runner" deals with the decision of the ZAKA organization in 2015 to ignore the Israel Medical Association's directive that the seriously wounded should be dealt with first at the scene of terrorist attacks, and only afterwards the lightly wounded - even if the seriously wounded are terrorists.

The Times of Israel reported that the play premiered on the stage in Toronto last month.

This is a one-man play. Throughout the play, the actor - who plays a ZAKA volunteer named Jacob - moves on a treadmill and talks directly to the audience, about the moral dilemma he is in.

Jacob recalls that he once chose to resuscitate an Arab girl who was shot after stabbing an IDF soldier. He does not know whether he did the right thing, and he suffers from the condemnations of his superiors at ZAKA, as well as his mother and “settler” brother.

ZAKA chairman Yehuda Meshi-Zahav told the newspaper that ZAKA stood behind its policy: “One should know that even morality has its boundaries. If we do not make this distinction, we lose our direction,” said Meshi-Zahav.