'The time has come for Bennett to be defense minister'

Dr. Hagai Ben-Artzi, brother of Sara Netanyahu: 'I expect Bennett to be DM. My brother-in-law released terrorists.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Dr. Ben-Artzi
Dr. Ben-Artzi
Hezki Baruch

Dr. Hagai Ben-Artzi, the brother of the prime minister’s wife, Sara Netanyahu, was interviewed this morning by Galei Tzahal and addressed the security situation in light of recent terror attacks.

Ben-Artzi, a resident of Beit El, attacked his brother-in-law, the prime minister, and claimed that Netanyahu "freed with his own hands the terrorists who are leading the terror today, and acted contrary to his ideology."

Ben-Artzi also said that he was "praying that the moment will come when Naftali Bennett will be the defense minister," and added that he hopes Bennett will bring a “clearer, firmer and more determined stance against terrorism. Netanyahu has been prime minister for 10 years and unfortunately he acted contrary to his ideology. It broke my heart."

Ben-Artzi referred to Netanyahu's actions during his years as prime minister: "The terrorists he released today stand at the head of Hamas. Yahya Sinwar was released by Netanyahu and he is the one who leads the terror, and he released him with his own hands. The only one who really stopped the release of the terrorists was Naftali Bennett, and I expect that he will be defense minister. I hope he will bring more security to the Land of Israel. The time has come for someone to fight the release of terrorists and the tunnels - he’s the one who will lead security.”

Ben Artzi also referred to the policy of the checkpoints in Judea and Samaria and said: "The time has come to bring back checkpoints. We support a shared life, but when this is exploited for murder we must act differently."