Terrorist infiltration into IDF post, soldier injured

Arab terrorist infiltrates into IDF position on edge of Jewish town of Beit El, north of Jerusalem. One soldier injured in attack.

David Rosenberg ,

Scene of attack in Beit El
Scene of attack in Beit El
Hadar Luz / TPS

An IDF soldier was injured Friday morning following a terrorist infiltration next to the town of Beit El, north of Jerusalem.

The terrorist hurled rocks at the soldier, leaving him injured.

MDA emergency medical teams joined IDF paramedics at the scene to treat the injured soldier.

After being treated on the scene, the soldier was evacuated to Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in Jerusalem in serious-to-moderate condition.

According to initial reports, the terrorist infiltrated into an IDF position near the Beit El security fence.

Once inside, the terrorist hurled rocks at an IDF soldier before fleeing.

Israeli security forces are currently conducting searches in the area for the terrorist.

An IDF spokesperson said the soldier had struggled with the terrorist after the terrorist snuck into the IDF post, adding that the terrorist struck the soldier with the rock at point-blank range.

“An IDF soldier was injured in moderate-to-serious condition after a struggle between himself and a terrorist, during which the terrorist struck him with a rock at close range inside of an IDF post near the town of Beit El,” the spokesperson said.

“The soldier was evacuated to the hospital for medical treatment.”

Hospital officials reported that the injured soldier was listed in serious condition following his arrival, and that he was unconscious and relying on a breathing machine.

Friday’s attack is the latest terror incident in the Binyamin district of Samaria.

On Sunday, Hamas terrorists opened fire on a group of Israeli civilians at a bus stop next to the town of Ofra, just north of Beit El. Seven people were wounded, including a 21-year-old pregnant woman, who was forced to deliver her child in an emergency caesarian section as a result of the attack. The child later died as a result of the attack.

On Thursday, terrorists shot and killed two Israeli soldiers near Givat Assaf junction outside of Beit El. Two other Israelis were wounded in the attack.

Shortly afterwards, a terrorist driver rammed an IDF soldier in El Bireh, outside of Ramallah, injuring him. The terrorist was then shot and killed.

Overnight, IDF forces captured 37 Hamas terrorists in the Ramallah area.