PLO says it holds Israel responsible for anti-Abbas posters

PLO Executive Committee holds a discussion following an upsurge in terror, slams Israel's 'executions and terrorism on helpless civilians'.

Dalit Halevi ,

Anti-Abbas posters
Anti-Abbas posters
Derech Haim

The PLO Executive Committee met on Thursday to discuss recent developments in Judea and Samaria following an increase in terrorism.

According to a statement released by the Executive Committee, the discussion dealt mainly with "ongoing Israeli crimes, including executions on the ground, repeated incursions into Palestinian cities, burglaries, arrests, terror attacks on helpless citizens and collective punishment".

The meeting included a review of "incitement against President Mahmoud Abbas led by Jewish terrorist organizations that enjoy the protection and support of the government and army of the Israeli occupation."

Following the shooting attack near Ofra on Sunday, the right-wing 'Derech Haim' organization had hung up posters around Judea and Samaria calling for PA President Mahmoud Abbas to be killed in retaliation.

The official Palestinian news agency Wafa reported that the PLO Executive Committee held the Israeli Israeli government responsible for "the calls of Jewish terrorist organizations to assassinate President Mahmoud Abbas, stressing that this threat and escalation are a call to murder every Palestinian and a path leading to the liquidation the Palestinian problem".

The PLO Executive Committee noted that "extremist groups receive protection and support from the right-wing Fascist Netanyahu government" and condemned "Israel's war crimes against the helpless Palestinian people, the last of which was the cold-blooded execution of three civilians in the West Bank and Jerusalem."

The aforementioned statement was referring to the two counterterror operations on Wednesday evening by the Yamam special forces unit that took out the terrorist responsible for the Barkan terror attack in October as well as one terrorist involved in Sunday's Ofra shooting.

The PLO called on the Palestinian public to continue the mass protest activities in all the "Palestinian" lands, and reiterated its demand for international protection for the Palestinian people and its support for the comprehensive boycott against Israel (BDS).