How can children die at a young age in a terrorist attack?

Don't come to G-d with questions; ask those who released murderers, those who allow them to incite - and overthrow them.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu ,

Rabbi Eliyahu at the baby's funeral
Rabbi Eliyahu at the baby's funeral
Courtesy Yisrael Hayom site

They die at a young age in a terrorist attack because there are murderers who murder them. And these murderers are bad people who shouldn't be here at all and certainly shouldn't walk around freely.

We're also partially guilty. We unfortunately release murderers so why shouldn't they murder again? Clearly, the main culprit is the murderer, but also those who released murderers in a gesture to Abbas or Gilad Shalit are partners in this disaster.

What does every terrorist tell himself? "If I die, I'll get paradise. And if not, I'll get a decent salary from Israelis' money. And then the Israelis will release me in a deal or gesture" - why shouldn't he go murder?

Don't ask questions of G-d who will leave the murderers to those who leave them here, and don't throw them to the countries of their blood-loving friends (like Syria).

G-d isn't responsible for the nonsense that human beings do. This is what the wisest of men, King Solomon said: "The foolishness of man makes crooked his path, and with the L-rd will his heart be angry." (Proverbs 19:3).