'Our hearts are with Shira and Amichai'

Prime Minister's speech at GPO new year toast with foreign press. 'We will find the killers and bring them to justice.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered remarks at the GPO new year toast with foreign press.

He addressed the Ofra terror attack, as a result of which the baby of Shira and Amichai Ish-Ran died Wednesday in the hospital.

“We’ve been successful at [fighting terror], but not always… we lost, a few hours ago, a newborn baby, four days old."

"Our hearts are with Shira and Amichai over the passing of their four day old son who did not even have a name. The murderers are abhorrent, the most deviant criminals on earth. The security forces are pursuing them and I hope that there will be news soon on this matter. We will not slacken until we find them and deal with them to the fullest extent of the law."

"We will find the killers . We haven’t stopped searching for them. We will find them and bring them to justice.”

Netanyahu said there is a “marked change” regarding “Israel’s acceptance in the world.”

“The reason for this is that...Iran is trying to establish an empire, to conquer the Middle East and from there to world domination."

“They openly call for our destruction, [but] they will not achieve their goal. We are currently in the process of rolling back Iran’s plans at nuclear acquisition."

The prime minister said he hoped that Iranian proxy Hezbollah would “ not make the terrible mistake of attacking Israel, or interfering with our legitimate actions to neutralize the terror tunnels. If they do, they will suffer much pain, and quickly, and I think they’re smart enough not to try us.”

“Israel is helping keep the world safe from Iranian aggression, ISIS terrorism, and many other threats. This is something we believe is a particular service we do, but it has also brought Arab countries closer to Israel."

“Some of it has come into the open, such as my visit to Oman,” he added, also noting that flights from India to Israel are now taking place over Saudi airspace.

“Israel is a world in countering radical Islam. The Arabs get it, the Muslims get it, and they’re coming closer to us,” he said, adding that “Israel is a world force in global technology - everybody gets that.”