Israeli teens arrested in connection with anti-Arab vandalism

Four Israeli youths, ages 15 to 17, arrested on suspicion they vandalized Arab cars, spray-painted graffiti in 'Price Tag' incident.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

'Price Tag' graffiti
'Price Tag' graffiti
Police spokesperson

Four Israeli youths were arrested Wednesday morning, on suspicion they were involved in so-called “Price Tag” acts of vandalism in an Arab-Israeli town in the Galilee.

In October, vandals punctured tires on cars and spray-painted slogans commonly associated with ‘Price Tag’ incidents including “Revenge”.

In recent years, acts of vandalism and arson targeting Arab towns have been dubbed “Price Tag” attacks, done in retribution either for terrorist attacks, or following demolitions of illegal settlement outposts.

According to a statement by police Wednesday morning, investigators are questioning the suspects, and following interrogation will determine whether to bring the teens to court for an extension of their arrests.

The four suspects are being represented by lawyers from the Honenu organization.