'Shira constantly asks about the baby'

Shira Ish-Ran's twin brother tells of sister's condition, asks for prayers for baby in critical condition. 'Bring perpetrators to justice.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Ofra junction attack
Ofra junction attack
Flash 90

Ariel Silberstein, the twin brother of Shira Ish Ran, who was seriously injured in the attack at the Ofra junction, spoke this morning about his sister's condition and that of the baby, born in an emergency induced labor after the attack.

"My sister's condition is improving, I spoke to her yesterday and she's feeling better. She'is currently in intensive care and is expected to undergo a long rehabilitation. The baby's still in critical condition and we ask everyone to pray."

Ariel said his sister "constantly asks about the baby. We always tell her the truth but not always the whole truth. Yesterday she saw her husband for the first time since regaining consciousness and was very emotional. We gave them their time, but when we were there, we told ourselves that they were just a sweet couple with an amazing relationship. The first thing that her husband Amichai (who was also lightly injured) told her is - 'you're amazing'."

The brother described what Shira remembers of the horrors of that evening: "She remembers talking to a friend at a hitchhiking station and suddenly saw yellow flashes from a car and she fell.

"We feel the embrace from the people of Israel, we rely on the defense establishment, and hope the political system will give them the opportunity to bring the perpetrators to justice," concluded Silberstein.

Shaare Zedek Medical Center reported improvement in Shira's condition over the past night. She is alert, neither respirated nor sedated. There is no change in the infant's condition that continues to be critical.