'Shira's condition is improving, pray for the baby'

With his daughter in serious condition and grandson in critical condition after terror attack, Chaim Silberstein tries to stay optimistic.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Shira's Ish-Ran father, Chaim Silverstein
Shira's Ish-Ran father, Chaim Silverstein
Eliran Aharon

Shira's Ish-Ran father, Chaim Silberstein, said that the family had not yet told her about the critical condition of her baby, who was delivered nearly two months early following the attack.

"Shira woke up for a few minutes. We have no words to describe this joy, even though her condition is still difficult, but her life was saved and we welcome this miracle."

Silberstein added, "The baby's condition has not changed since yesterday. His life is still in danger and he is fighting for it, a small baby who was born prematurely along with a great trauma, and he started his life in a very difficult situation and we pray that he will survive."

Shira and her husband Amichai wounded in a terrorist shooting attack on Sunday.