Watch: Who did Trump invite to light Hanukkah candles?

'In 1944 the White House turned a delegation of rabbis away. Today I am happy to light Hanukkah candles at the White House.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Mediawoman Sivan Rahav Meir published a short video clip from the Chanuka candle-lighting ceremony at the White House Sunday.

President Donald Trump invited eight Holocaust survivors to light the eight candles of the Hanukkah menorah during the ceremony.

The daughter of Zehava Unger, an 88-year-old Holocaust survivor who attended the ceremony and lit a candle, wrote to Rahav Meir of her mother's moving experience at the White House.

"Hello, Sivan, I have to tell you what we went through in the last few days, and the White House invited my mother, Zehava Unger, 88, a Holocaust survivor. to a Hanukkah party with Trump. And to meet her more than ninety offspring! For her this is the greatest victory over the Nazis.

"It was only after heavy pressure from the family that she agreed to change priorities, and said yes to the White House. There was an amazing party. I am surprised that the subject is barely covered in the media. Trump decided to invite 8 Holocaust survivors, one for each Hanukkah candle. It was exciting to see him calling for seven survivors and one survivor on stage, one by one, by name, along with my mother.

"He spoke of the heroism of the Maccabees and that they continue this heroism, because they fought against the worst evil of our time, and won. He turned to them and said: 'For you I transferred the embassy to Jerusalem, I did it for you.' My mother gave Trump a personal letter, and she wrote there: On Hanukkah 1944, I fought in the cold of Auschwitz, a weak and hungry girl of 14. A delegation of rabbis who wanted to come to the White House and protest, could not even enter. I survived without any home or family to return to, and here we have turned a page in our history: On Hanukkah 2018, 74 years later, I am a proud mother and grandmother and happy to receive your invitation to light Hanukkah candles in the White House."