Yerushalmi Faction vs. Bnei Brak over synagogue in public area

Bnei Brak wants to evacuate synagogue, promising alternate structure, but Yerushalmi Faction threatens action against evacuation.

Mordechai Sones ,

Bnei Brak draft protests
Bnei Brak draft protests
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In the past two weeks the Bnei Brak Municipality of has begun evacuating mobile structures that serve as synagogues and are located on "green areas" intended for public use.

One is the Darchei Shmuel synagogue in Kiryat Herzog, belonging to Yerushalmi Faction worshipers. The faction sees the mayor's move as deliberate targeting and threaten to take all measures to prevent this.

In a letter sent to members of the Bnei Brak city council in recent days, they claim they received approval from outgoing mayor Chanoch Zeibert and that they intend to do everything possible that the evacuation not take place.

"We declare it our obligation to do everything - everything! - to prevent and stop such criminal public conduct," they wrote to city council members.

It was also claimed that in the Kiryat Herzog compound only their synagogue will be evacuated.

The Bnei Brak Municipality denies discrimination and says the move represents a comprehensive process to evacuate all green areas in the city. Municipality sources also clarified the mayor intends to grant Faction worshipers an alternative area, but they insist on not allowing the evacuation during a dialogue process.