Kinneret level rose 3 cm over weekend

Rainy wintry weekend weather weakens, but also this week local rains expected, mostly light, especially in north, but also in center.

Mordechai Sones,

Flash 90

After a rainy and wintry weekend the storm system has weakened but rains will continue, especially in the north, in coming days.

The weather today will be partly cloudy to cloudy. Local rain, mostly light, is expected in the north and center of the country. However, temperatures will increase in the mountains and inland.

Local rain is expected tonight, mainly in northern Israel and in the coastal plain.

Tomorrow the weather will be partly cloudy and there will be no significant change in temperatures. Local rain, mostly light, is possible in the north of the country.

On Tuesday the weather will continue to be partly cloudy. Local rain is still expected in the north. Brisk southwesterly winds will blow.

Wednesday will also be partly cloudy. Occasional rain will fall in the north of the country, and during the day will gradually spread to the center of the country.

The level of the Kinneret rose by 3 centimeters (1.18 inches) since Friday through this morning and stands at 214 meters and 62 centimeters below sea level.

The current level is 1.62 meters lower than the lower red line and 5.82 meters from the upper red line that marks a full Kinneret.