1,000 people arrested in French riots

Scenes of violence, 126 injured during fourth weekend of 'Yellow Vest' riots.

Guy Cohen,

Yellow Vest
Yellow Vest

At least 126 rioters were injured in Paris on Saturday, at the end of the fourth week of the "Yellow Vest" riots. None of them was seriously injured, and the hospitals said three policemen were also injured.

The police used rubber bullets, water canon and tear gas against the rioters. About 90,000 police officers were deployed, and in Paris eight armored vehicles also went into operation.

Some 125,000 people took part in protests across France on Saturday - about 10,000 of them in Paris, where the greatest damage was recorded. Cars were set on fire, shop windows were smashed and shops were looted.

Six football matches in the French Premier League were postponed to another date, and the Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay were closed.

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said in a televised statement that talks were being held between the government and the rioters. "The dialogue has begun," he announced. "Now we need to rebuild national unity."

The protests began due to the increase in diesel fuel prices, which was canceled by the government. At the center of the protests stand white civilians from the rural areas, but the protests also include rightist and leftist elements. The uniting factor of all the demonstrators is the demand for the resignation of President Emmanuel Macron, whose rate of support has dropped to 18%.