Watch: Yerushalmi Faction protest at entrance to Jerusalem

Demonstrators block streets and disrupt traffic at entrance to city, in protest against arrest of yeshiva student who failed to enlist.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Demonstration at entrance to Jerusalem
Demonstration at entrance to Jerusalem
Police Spokesperson

Hundreds of members of the “Yerushalmi Faction” are demonstrating Wednesday evening at the intersection of Jaffa and Sarei Israel streets in Jerusalem, blocking the roads and disrupting vehicular traffic and the light rail.

The demonstration is being held in protest against the arrest of a draft dodger. The yeshiva student in question was arrested last night as part of a routine check by the Lod police after it became clear that he had failed to receive a draft exemption and was thereby required to enlist. Police intend to transfer him to military police.

The “Committee to Save the World of Torah,” the body responsible for organizing street demonstrations, called to protest against the student’s arrest. "While those who call themselves representatives of the haredi public sit in the Knesset and enact laws of destruction on the Torah world, yeshiva students, whose only sin is to not want to take part in the despicable dealing in souls, cry out from military prison,” the committee said.

"The haredi public will embark on a great struggle for the true heroes who guard the sacred yeshivot with their bodies and souls," it added.