Shaked 'hindering electronic cuffing law'

MK Lavie says Justice Minister 'decided to delay electronic cuffing law again,' which Lavie says is aimed only at 'violent men'. Commentary.

Gil Ronen ,


MK Aliza Lavie (Yesh Atid) wrote on her Facebook page that Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked "has again decided to delay the electronic cuffing law."

This, after Shaked did not bring the law up for approval by the Ministerial Committee on Legislation on Sunday.

The law would allow an electronic handcuff to be attached to those arrested on suspicion of violating a restraining order as part of their conditions of release. The law is supposed to apply to both men and women against whom a restraining order was issued, but MK Lavie did not even bother to maintain the appearance of gender neutrality.

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"Today we also received a 'gift' from the Justice Minister, who decided again to delay in the ministerial committee on legislation my important law for using electronic cuffs on violent men who have been issued a restraining order," she complained.

Lavie was also not impressed by the Prime Minister's decision to set up a ministerial committee on domestic violence. Netanyahu, she wrote, "flees responsibility". "By the time he finally addressed the murder of women in Israel - after his long silence - all he had to suggest at today's cabinet meeting was to set up another committee to combat domestic violence.' When one of the ministers reminded him that there such a committee already exists, the Prime Minister replied: 'Then we'll establish another one.'"

Aliza Lavie
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