Special interview:
'People are very happy to see an important minister visit'

Eitan Weiss, deputy chief of mission at the consulate general of Israel in Los Angeles, discusses Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked's visit.

Eliran Aharon ,

Eitan Weiss
Eitan Weiss
Eliran Aharon

Arutz Sheva spoke to Eitan Weiss, deputy chief of mission at the consulate general of Israel in Los Angeles.

In the special interview, Weiss discussed the visit of Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked to Los Angeles, and also thanked Arutz Sheva for helping arrange the visit.

“We’re very happy to see Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked coming to visit us in Los Angeles. It’s a great opportunity to better strengthen the ties between the State of Israel and the various communities living here and we’re definitely going to invest a lot of effort in her visit – to create meetings and gatherings between various parts of the community and the minister,” said Weiss.

“People are very happy to see a very important minister coming here, and they’re very eager to have the opportunity to meet her and go into a discourse with her, and that’s very important to us.”

Weiss noted that it is difficult for busy Israeli officials to take a 16-hour flight to Los Angeles “but nevertheless we’ve have important visits in the past couple of years, all the way from Prime Minister Netanyahu, who visited California in 2014. We had President Rivlin who came in October of 2017, Ambassador Ron Dermer also came to visit us in November 2017. We have a lot of visitors. Of course we’d like to see more, but we take them as we get them.”

Finally, he praised Arutz Sheva, noting it “is an important media outlet that shows another piece of the puzzle, not just for the Israeli public but for the public all over the world, and that’s very important to me.