Netanyahu to Czech President: 'Next Year in Jerusalem'

President of Czech Republic Miloš Zaman and wife Ivana Zabrova lunch at Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem.

Nitzan Kedar,

סימפטיה, אמפתיה וידידות
סימפטיה, אמפתיה וידידות
צילום: חיים צח / לע"מ

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara hosted Czech Republic President Miloš Zaman and his wife Ivana Zemanová at the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem.

The President of the Czech Republic and his wife signed the official guest book. During the lunch, Netanyahu congratulated the Czech president on his arrival in Israel.

The two will inaugurate the Czech House in Jerusalem, which will include representatives of the Czech government as the first stage before the embassy is transferred to the capital.

"This is a great opportunity to receive in our home the President and the First Lady, Miloš and Ivana. It's a wonderful friendship. You gave it strong expression yesterday," Netanyahu said, recalling Zaman's speech in the Knesset plenum. "From here we go to the dedication of the Czech House, whose establishment is another important decision on the way, as you said yesterday in your speech.

"Since the visit of Tomáš Masaryk here, almost a century ago, there hasn't been such an expression of sympathy, empathy, and friendship. From here we can only rise further, but we stand on the shoulders of giants - Herzl and Masaryk.

"We say 'Next year in Jerusalem', next year we hope to see an embassy in Jerusalem. But next year in Prague we will have an inter-governmental consultation meeting," the Prime Minister added.