Car rental in Israel

It doesn’t matter what your reasons are for traveling in Israel; just rent a car and get yourself ready to discover the Holy Land.

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Car rental
Car rental

It doesn’t matter what your reasons are for traveling to Israel; just rent a car and get yourself ready to discover the bounty of the Holy Land – so much more than just the central touristic hot spots, i.e. central Jerusalem, central Tel Aviv etc. Find a car rental in Israel and you’re good to go on a supreme Middle Eastern adventure.

Israel is a fascinating country situated on the western ends of the Mediterranean sea – the meeting place of warm salty water and the ancient climatic high temperatures (and temperament) of the Middle East. Israel shares a border with Egypt to the south-east and a blurry border with Asia to the East. That’s a geographical crossroads that makes Israel an extremely interesting location to visit.

The country also has a religious significance, as most of us already know, with Christian, Islamic and Jewish faith and their essential connections with this small piece of land. Every year, millions flock there to see, bond, pray and experience this holy place and its sacred sites, such as the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Holy Sepulture etc.

Not only does it have some of the world’s remarkable revered and iconic landmarks and other historical attractions, Israel is also a desired destination of a variety of pleasures. The hot and sunny beaches with the soothing sand under the feet are just one thing to explore; and as the darkness arrives, it’s just about time to go on partying and dancing in one (or more) of the exhilarating venues in town.

Luxury hotels and thrilling museums are some more of what the city can offer, entwined with an inspiring modern life, culture and art. Certainly, music lovers don’t stay behind, with the various music gigs you can find in different location around town. Visiting during the winter? You can try skiing up north in the Hermon!

Jerusalem is a welcoming, safe city to explore – located roughly in the center of Israel; it’s packed with historical and ancient sites, as well as holy places and a variety of restaurants, shops, markets and extraordinary hotels!

Whatever you choose to do during your Israel trip, you should not skip Haifa - Israel’s third city, which is an interesting place to start exploring old Christianity and view the beautiful Mediterranean blue.

Eilat is one of Israel’s most popular holidaying spots, situated at the southern end and the Red Sea. Some say that Eilat is a reputable competitor to Tel Aviv for its excellent beaches and nightlife. Eilat is also renowned for its delicious food scene, diving experience and shopping time. With a car rental in Israel you can drive to Eilat Mountains, explore the fascinating local Geology (which goes all along the Syrian-African rift) and enjoy various kinds of activities.

You rented car will help you making your Israel trip an incredible adventure – including Eilat, Haifa, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other uncountable places. We haven’t even mentioned the Dead Sea – one of Nature’s most famous spas, and it’s adjacent beautiful jewels, like Ein Bokek and Ein Gedi.