Who Will be the Gedolim of the Next Generation?

Echad l'Echad seeks to train religious Zionist scholars to lead the next generation of Torah study and religious life.


אברכים בציונות הדתית
אברכים בציונות הדתית
צילום: קרן אחד לאחד

The religious Zionist community is a high-quality community whose motto is ‘Torah, Avodah and contributing to the Nation.’ It is a community which is involved in and influences all aspects of the country – in politics, law, academics, in the media and in the army.

There is one front, however, which religious Zionism has neglected – Torah learning and producing gedolei Torah and spiritual leaders who are connected to the country, army and Torah. Very few of the judges, city and neighborhood rabbis and head rabbis today in Israel are from the religious Zionist community. As such, today there exists a significant lack of religious Zionist rabbis of stature.

The few in our sector who choose to give up higher paying careers for this challenging track, often live in scarcity and some of them drop out along the way. And we as a society lose out on individuals who could have been Torah scholars who are connected to Am Yisrael and the Zionist vision.

In religious Zionism, one who dedicates his life to Torah learning is valued less than people with other careers, and certainly less than his counterparts in the charedi world – where they are viewed as superstars.

So what can be done about this?

The solution is quite simple. Today, there are approximately 3,000 married avreichim in the religious Zionist community. The Echad l’Echad Foundation has taken upon itself to focus on the 100 “top” avreichim, those who have the potential to become Torah leaders yet are reliant on our support in order to continue in their studies and become Torah giants. These avreichm receive a significant monthly scholarship in which the model that we are basing on is ‘outstanding dean scholarships’ given in universities to outstanding students, enabling them to continue in their learning directly to a doctorate.

The avreichim are chosen from all of the religious Zionist yeshivot throughout Israel. They are handpicked by their Roshei Yeshivot, in which each Rosh Yeshiva is given a quota of avreichim to choose according to the number of students in his particular yeshiva. Each avreich who enters into this program commits to not having any other job and to be learning full-time for a period of 3 years.

On November 27, 2018, י"ט כסלו, the Yarzheit of Rav Moshe Tzvi Neriya, zt”l, Echad l’Echad will be running its annual Chariday event. All donations given on that day will be doubled thanks to a private donor. The goal is to raise 3 million shekel. It’s all or nothing. Become a partner in this enormous chessed and support the religious Zionist world of Torah.