Netanyahu: We will get world sympathy for our strength

PM says difference between his foreign policy, predecessors is he does not make security concessions to win international sympathy.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Netanyahu at Likud faction meeting
Netanyahu at Likud faction meeting
Miriam Alster/FLASH90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu praised the visits of the presidents of Chad and the Czech Republic at the start of the weekly Likud Faction meeting Monday.

"Today we will receive a personal friend of mine, a huge friend of Israel, the president of the Czech Republic, and yesterday there was another president of an important African country with a Muslim majority," Netanyahu said.

"The first thing that the president of the Czech Republic said was 'next year in Jerusalem and I will transfer the Czech embassy to Jerusalem.'

"The President of Chad asked me to visit Chad, and I gladly agreed," he added. "We are opening up to the world. Israel is in the midst of an unprecedented political boom, it works on all continents, including in the Arab world, which is shown in the visit of the president of Chad - and there will be other countries, you will hear about it."

Later, Netanyahu explained his political approach. "I want to refine one central point: In the past, Israeli prime ministers wanted to win the sympathy of the world by making dangerous concessions, including the uprooting of settlements. For me it did not happen, for me it does not happen. The exact opposite happens. We are gaining the sympathy of the world, including the sympathy of many in the Arab world, by our steadfastness and strength. Thanks to our determination and strength, as well as your power and the power of Israel's citizens, we are opening more and more doors. This is the essence of our policy, unlike others."

"We believe in peace through strength, we believe in the alliances that are acquired from the assets of the State of Israel as a technological power, from an economic power, from a security and intelligence power," the prime minister said. "We are nurturing and fortifying the State of Israel out of strength, and that is what we will continue to do. It is to continue to strengthen the State of Israel. This is the essence of our policy. I am doing it on your mission and I am doing it with your help."