Yair Netanyahu visits Holocaust survivors

PM's son visits center for Holocaust survivors where he has volunteered for several years, thanks organization for its 'holy work.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yair Netanyahu meets Holocaust survivors
Yair Netanyahu meets Holocaust survivors
Yosef Hirush

Yair Netanyahu, the son, of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, visited on Sunday the Yad Ezer Lehaver center in Haifa, which assists Holocaust survivors living in Israel.

Yair received a certificate of appreciation for his contribution and his many years of activity in the Haifa organization.

Founder and CEO Shimon Sabag hosted Netanyahu at the "Beit Haham" center for Holocaust survivors in the Hadar neighborhood of Haifa, where he met Holocaust survivor Shoshana Kolmer, who was celebrating her 100th birthday this year. Kolmer survived the Auschwitz concentration camp, where her entire family was murdered by the Nazi regime.

Kolmer was hosted six years ago in Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's office. Netanyahu spoke with Kolmer and other Holocaust survivors and listened attentively to the stories of their survival during the Holocaust. Colmar asked Yair to convey to the prime minister the message: "We are proud that he heads our country. We trust him and we love him very much."

The Holocaust survivors gave Yair as a gift the book "Living Testimony" about the stories of heroism and survival of the Holocaust survivors of the association. Romanian Holocaust survivor Mania Herman (87) gave Yair her book of paintings as a gift.

Netanyahu also toured the Holocaust and Revival Museum, named after his grandfather Shmuel Ben-Artzi, and at the end of the visit, Yair wrote a dedication in the Museum's guest book: "It is a great privilege to be here and to know the wonderful Holocaust survivors. Each of them has a big heart and an incredible personal life story. Thank you for the holy work you are doing! There is no more beautiful thing in our world, Yair Netanyahu."

"I saw today in the eyes of this special person how excited he is, how much he wants to give, to listen, and how much he understands that these people must feel that the state is giving them back," said Shimon Sabag, director general of the organization. Sabag stressed that Yair, who has been volunteering there for several years, will continue to support the organization and visit the survivors. "We see Yair as a dear friend and an important volunteer to help Holocaust survivors."