When BDS groups lie to themselves

BDS website victory celebrations proven canard: University of Leeds denies report by BDS groups that it would boycott Israel.

Mordechai Sones ,

Pro-BDS display
Pro-BDS display
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What happens when BDS groups have no achievements? They make them up. Students from the Palestinian Solidarity Group (PSG) at Leeds University in Britain published a demand on the university to divest from companies with financial ties to Israel including Airbus, United Technologies, and the Kenes Group.

Later, the group announced the university responded that it had divested from those companies. PSG quickly announced the ‘victory’ on their Facebook page. Other BDS websites joined in announcing the victory including the Electronic Intifada, Middle East Monitor, War on Want, Middle East Eye, and others who joyfully reported on the "achievement".

However, the university later issued its own press release where it explained it had divested from these companies several months prior due to the ‘climate change strategy’ that it had implemented to divest from companies they are convinced harm the environment.

The university later reiterated in another press release that it has no policy of boycotting companies connected to Israel and that it has no intentions of adopting such a policy.

The PSG failed to update its statement based on the university’s comments.

Attorney Nati Rom, Founder of the ‘Lev HaOlam’ Organization, which fights against the global boycott of Israel and Judea and Samaria, said, “BDS groups did what they know best: spread fake news. They entangled themselves in their own lies, just like they do with the lies they spread against Israel every day.”

Attorney Rom regularly participates in conferences around the world where he confronts the lies of the BDS and tells the ‘true story’ to citizens abroad. He explains, “The BDS has no foundations on which to stand other than anti-Semitism, hatred of the Jewish people, and hatred of the Jewish State. Therefore, they base their entire narrative on lies, spreading misinformation, and condemning Israel through lies and incitement. I am happy that this time they were blatantly exposed, and I hope that in the future more and more people will recognize that all the information spread by these groups against Israel is part of one gigantic lie.”