Bereaved father:
'Prime Minister responsible for weak response to terrorism'

Father of Barkan shooting victim blames politicians, not courts or IDF, for failure to catch terrorist, demolish all of his home.

Shimon Cohen ,

IDF forces in Shweika, hometown of Barkan terrorist
IDF forces in Shweika, hometown of Barkan terrorist
Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90

A month and a half have passed since Kim Yehezkel-Levengrand and Ziv Hajavi were murdered at the Alon factory in Barkan, and the terrorist, whose identity is known to the defense establishment, is still at large.

Arutz Sheva spoke to Kim's father, Rafi, about the authority's failure to catch his daughter's murderer until now.

At the beginning of the conversation, Rafi said that the defense establishment has not updated the family at all in the progress of the steps to locate the terrorist. "The defense establishment is failing and the blame is not on the commanders and the junior soldiers."

"A collaborator who collaborates with a terrorist, and they do nothing to him, and the house of the terrorist's family still stands and they laugh when they say they will demolish a basement floor and the first floor, even though there is a clear connection between the terrorist and the family.

Rafi said that he believes the defense establishment intends for the 'demolition' to be merely symbolic in nature. "My understanding is that the intention is to scratch the plaster from the first floor and leave the base of the basement intact. There is a terrorist with a name and they know who he is and where he lives."

He blames the political establishment and not the Supreme Court for the failure to demolish the entire house where the terrorist lived.

"The problem is the politicians. Our government is completely leftist, and it makes delusional decisions," he says, adding that the commander of the relevant army unit told him that the military's request to the court is permission to demolish only a basement and first floor, since there is no connection between the terrorist and his mother and brother. The commander further stated that the request would have no chance of being approved if the army sought to demolish any more of the house.

In his view, the politicians' declarations that partial approval by the High Court of Justice for the targeted destruction of just part of the house, are nothing but an attempt to mislead the public: "Everything is politics," he said. "The Chief of Staff is half-way a politician."

"I am the son of Holocaust survivors and I remember the stories of my father, who was forced to see how his mother and his sisters were murdered, that was how I felt when I saw my daughter being tied up in a factory in Barkan.

"With the despicable terrorist who murdered my daughter, we will close an account, but the problem is Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas), and there are like thousands more who must be dealt with now to prevent such things from happening again in the future," he said, recalling that the past policy that proved itself in the form of targeted assassinations.

Rafi is not optimistic that the resignation of former Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman will improve the situation. He said of Liberman: "I called on him to leave."

However, he said that "the prime minister is the facilitator. He does not do anything and frightens us with security statements when he does not do anything. He issued a statement that he knows how to deal with terrorism, but from his treatment I entered the [category of] bereaved families]."