Watch: Vacationing in Samaria after Airbnb boycott

One of the Jewish homes boycotted by AirBNB stands near site of Jewish village from Second Temple period.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

walking through Jewish history in Samaria
walking through Jewish history in Samaria
screenshot: Boomerang

Miri Levi left the city of Tel-Aviv 30 years ago with her husband and young son and founded the town of Nofim in Samaria.

Today she has a holiday getaway which has been boycotted by AirBNB, even though her house is adjacent to the historical remains of an ancient Jewish village dating back thousands of years.

'Boomerang' visited Levi in Nofim and the Khirbet Shahadeh archaeological site, the site of a Jewish community during the Second Temple period.

"After 2,300 years, Jews continue to live here."