SWAT Commander: We'll catch Barkan terrorist

Yamam head promises Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked that is elite unit will lay hands on terrorist responsible for Barkan terror attack.

Tzvi Lev ,

Shaked meets with Yamam operatives
Shaked meets with Yamam operatives
Police Spokesperson's Unit

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked visited the base of the police's elite Yamam SWAT team on Thursday.

Accompanied by Yamam Commander N', Shaked was treated to an exhibition of the unit's capabilities, including -terrorism and hostage rescue.

Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked (the Jewish Home) visited the Israel Police's Special Counter-Terrorism Unit today, Thursday, led by Border Police Commander Yaakov Kobi Shabtai and Commander of the Unit Commander N.

"Yamam has been at the forefront of the fight against terrorism and the most serious crime in Israel in recent years," said N', whose full name remains classified. "Our soldiers operate everywhere and in all the scenarios that can only be imagined."

The special-forces commander also promised Shaked that his unit would eventually locate and arrest Ashraf Na'alwa, who remains at large six weeks after gunning down two Israelis at Samaria's Barkan Industrial Zone.

"One thing is for sure. Sooner or later we will put his hand on him and come with him," said N'.

Yamam is considered one of the world's best counter-terror units. Founded in 1974, Yamam is responsible for any hostage scenario in Israel.

Over the years it has gained an international reputation for uncompromising warfare and exceptional competence in locating wanted persons, counter-terrorism, violent arrests, and riot control.