Gidon Sa'ar:
Israel could pay 'much heavier price' if it doesn't strike soon

Ex-minister warns against complacency in dealing with Iranian precision missile factories in Lebanon. 'The window of opportunity may close.'

Nitzan Keidar ,

Sa'ar at Jerusalem Post conference
Sa'ar at Jerusalem Post conference
Mark Israel Salem

Former minister and security cabinet member Gideon Sa'ar called for an Israeli counterstrike on precision weapons factories in Lebanon and other strategic threats that Hezbollah is developing.

At the Jerusalem Post's Diplomatic Conference in Jerusalem, Saar said that Israel was approaching the point of no return on the Lebanese border.

“If an Israeli preemptive strike is not carried out in the near future, the window of opportunity may be closed. This means that future attack might be far less effective and will involve a much heavier price,” he said, noting that he would back a preemptive strike if such a decision were made.

Sa’ar also said that Iran and Hezbollahs’ goal is “to achieve a qualitative strike capability on Israel’s civilian and military home front from bordering countries.” This, he explained, was “part of a strategic concept to constrain Israel’s strategic freedom of action , including in the context of a possible future Iranian nuclear breakthrough.”

“If Hezbollah achieves such capabilities, they will be able to cause us very significant damages during confrontation,” he said.

Sa’ar also noted, as he had in the past, “I will run the in the 2019 elections, in order to return and represent my party, the Likud. I will do so in order to strengthen my party based on our path, founded on the firm conviction and protection of our rights and interests in our country.”