Israelis arrested after bullet found in luggage

2 Israelis arrested in Georgia after bullet found in luggage. Pair were released - on condition they not return to Israel.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Bullets (illustration)
Bullets (illustration)

A young Israeli couple were arrested in the Georgian city, Tbilisi after a bullet was found in their luggage. They two were released on condition that they remain in Georgia until the end of the investigation.

The Israeli Consulate General Smadar Tzemach Retzabi is helping the two during the ordeal.

The Foreign Ministry has also dealt with other incidences of an Israeli arrested in a Maltan airport. The young man was detained for a day and then expelled from the country.

Many young Israelis travel worldwide after their mandatory army service. Many times the bags they use are the same ones they had used during their service. In some cases, bullets are accidentally left in the bag.

The Israeli foreign ministry has repeatedly warned Israeli citizens to check their bags for forgotten weapons and bullets, whether they cross land border crossings or fly to foreign destination.

The ministry put out statement.

"Bringing weapons into a foreign country constitutes a criminal offense that may lead to investigation, arrest and trial proceedings that in the best case will result in prolonged delays in the target country and the payment of high fines."

"In light of many cases in which civilians have not checked their instruments and have been forced to pay a heavy price for this, travelers must carefully examine their bags for each trip and prevent unnecessary aggravation and self-harm for themselves and their families."