Under Trump, Israel can finally end reign of Hamas

The PM has a great friend in the White House. He should take advantage of this and rid the world of Hamas once and for all.

Dr. Joseph Frager‏ ,

Dr. Joseph Frager‏
Dr. Joseph Frager‏
Miri Tzachi

Israel has gone to war with Hamas in Gaza three times since the nightmare expulsion of 10,000 Jews there in 2005. It was euphemistically called the “Gaza Disengagement”.

It has been the absolute bane of Israel’s existence ever since. It is a lesson for eternity as to “what not to do” to achieve peace. It has become a Hamas terrorist stronghold and has allowed Iran a foothold as well. Israel once again is on the brink of war after 500 rockets were fired from Gaza into the south by Hamas. No country in their right minds would tolerate this for a minute.

Many of these missiles came from Iran. The Obama Iran Deal helped Iran resupply Hamas with thousands upon thousands of these after the last war in 2014.

The resignation of Avigdor Liberman as Defense Minister reminds me of Bibi’s inexplicable firing of then-Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon in 2014 on the eve of Operation Protective Edge. That was the catalyst for Israel’s action. He was later rewarded for his strong position by being appointed Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations. Liberman’s resignation I believe will force Bibi’s hand.

If and when Israel goes to war against Hamas, it must finish the job this time. President Trump most certainly will be much more helpful and supportive than his predecessor. Israel will have no excuses this time around. Hamas has brought it upon itself. They have been an implacable and barbaric foe. Their time is up. They have miscalculated both Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump. Israel has the best President ever to end Hamas’ reign of Terror. Bibi knows this. He did everything he could to avoid a war.

The murder of Lt. Colonel M. by Hamas was the last straw. Although the actual details of the mission are murky, my feeling is that Lt. Col. M. was actually sent to finalize a ceasefire. Hence the IDF spokesman said the mission was “not intended to kill or abduct terrorists but to strengthen Israel's security.” Lt. Col. M. was the bravest of the brave. Hamas decided to kill him and end any chance of a deal. Israel has tried as any nation to avoid war at any costs.

Israel has tried to bring about a cease fire and contain the “Beast”. Unfortunately, Israel is now being pushed hard against the proverbial wall. War is inevitable.

The Prime Minister has a great friend in the White House. He should take advantage of this fact and rid Israel and the world of Hamas once and for all.