Handmade artwork from Netanya's Taasion

The Taasion is a working and rehabilitation center for people who are developmentally disabled, producing unique ceramic and glass art.

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Taasion creates artwork related to Jewish traditions
Taasion creates artwork related to Jewish traditions
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The Taasion is a sheltered workshop, which is a working and rehabilitation center for people who are developmentally disabled. Established in 2005 by the Municipality of Netanya in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Welfare and Social Services. The workshop consists of 65 disabled workers and a team of designers and vocational instructors. ​The workshop produces unique and quality ceramic and glass artwork - no two items are identical as they are original handmade pieces of art.

The Netanya Foundation (NFND) has created an online store and a video to help promote and share the amazing work of the city's people, including those with special needs. NFND is an NGO established in 1989 with a goal of providing for the welfare as well as the educational, cultural, environmental, religious, charitable and health needs for the population living in Netanya.

“Our aim is to help & support the residents of Netanya through various programs and projects. By purchasing the art of our local artists’ online, people worldwide can show their support and encourage these artists, helping them spread and share their talents with society,” says Shlomi Waroner, CEO of The Netanya Foundation. “We have also partnered with a courier company so that we can provide free worldwide shipping. This helps us offer the products at a reasonable cost,” says Waroner.

“The members are guided by professional artists and partake in the production of the artwork from beginning till end. They are highly motivated and look forward to coming to the Taasion every morning, which is not only their workplace, but also offers them a warm and inviting environment where they receive social and enriching activities," says Iris Halfon, manager of Taasion. Profits from all the sales directly benefit the members.

“My work makes me feel good and I want to work here till I am 120 years old,” says Anat Igana, who is a member of Taasion. You can make a social contribution to this wonderful project by purchasing quality items online at www.nfndstore.org