Hamas celebrates Liberman's resignation

Hamas says Defense Minister's resignation is a “victory” for the group.

Elad Benari ,

Ismail Haniyeh
Ismail Haniyeh
Flash 90

The Hamas terrorist organization on Wednesday celebrated the resignation announcement of Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, claiming his move was a “victory” for Hamas.

"Liberman's resignation is a recognition of defeat and incompetence in the face of the Palestinian resistance, a political victory for Gaza, which has succeeded in steadfastness to cause a political shake in the arena of occupation," Hamas said in a statement quoted by i24news.

A statement by a joint committee of Palestinian Arab factions in Gaza added that "Liberman's resignation is a victory for the Palestinian resistance after the security and military failure of his army."

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh also chimed in on Liberman’s resignation, saying it is a victory for Palestinian “resistance”.

“The resistance has achieved a military victory on the occupying forces in less than a week,” Haniyeh said, according to Yediot Aharonot.

He added that “we have achieved a political win with Liberman’s resignation. His announcement acknowledges his failure and the failure of the occupying entity.”

In announcing his resignation earlier on Wednesday, Liberman cited several differences with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as the reason, including a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas which was reached on Tuesday.

Liberman also cited the transfer of fuel purchased by Qatar into Gaza, which Israel permitted to continue even as Hamas forces launched rockets into southern Israel.

He also mentioned the recent coalition decision, pushed by Netanyahu, to delay implementation of a Supreme Court order to demolish the illegal Bedouin encampment of Khan al-Ahmar east of Jerusalem.