Spanish Mission: Hamas, BDS don't differentiate between Israelis

Delegation of Spanish lawmakers hold visit to Judea and Samaria despite ongoing rocket fire, condemn Hamas terror and BDS.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Spanish delegation visits Judea and Samaria
Spanish delegation visits Judea and Samaria
Jordan Valley Regional Council

Despite the ongoing onslaught from Gaza a delegation of senior Spanish lawmakers and policy shapers are continuing their fact-finding mission with the Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Jordan Valley Regional Council to meet Israelis and Palestinian Arabs targeted by the BDS campaign. The group is spearheaded by veteran Spanish centrist Juan Carlos Girauta, whip of the Spain for the Citizens Party.

Speaking during a meeting with Jordan Valley Regional Council Head David Elhayani Juan Carlos Girauta commented: "Hamas missiles don’t differentiate between Israelis, neither should Europe. Boycotts of Israeli goods are anti-Semitic and detrimental to any efforts to achieve lasting peace in the region. When Europeans boycott Israel, they are actually boycotting peace, as Israeli industry brings together Israeli and Palestinians, bettering the lives of both."

David Elhayani added: “Like Hamas, BDS does not differentiate between those living in the Jordan Valley or Tel Aviv. Like Hamas, BDS seeks the total destruction of the Jewish State and will not succeed. Our produce speaks for itself, penetrating all borders and geographies. The Jordan Valley is Israel, just like Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Those who attempt to boycott us will ultimately fail, because there will always be a demand for our quality products worldwide."

Elhayani continued: “We welcome our friends from Spain at this difficult time and know that they will take our story to the highest halls of government in Europe. The Jewish people have returned to our land after 2,000 years and we are here to stay, nobody from Hamas to BDS will uproot us.”

In a written statement to the group Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan reiterated the connection between terror and Hamas stating: “The relationship between terrorist organizations and the BDS movement has never been closer, ideologically and operationally”. He added: “Having seen the reality with your own eyes, you understand that the libels against us are false and the only true victim of BDS are coexistence and progress.”

The delegation is in Israel for a week long fact-finding mission initiated by the Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Jordan Valley Regional Council. They will visit visit farmers, factories and industrial zones across Judea, Samaria, Jordan Valley and the Golan to witness Israelis and Palestinians working together in direct contrast to the BDS narrative.