Turkey demands 'immediate end' to Israeli retaliatory strikes

Following massive wave of rocket attacks by Gaza terror groups on Israel, Turkish government demands Israel refrain from responding.

David Rosenberg ,

Turkish President Erdogan
Turkish President Erdogan

The Turkish government demanded Israel end its air campaign in the Gaza Strip following a massive wave of rocket and mortar attacks from the Hamas-controlled coastal enclave.

On Tuesday, Ibrahim Kalin, a spokesman for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in a statement to the Turkish media outlet Anadolu that Israel must end its military activity in the Strip “immediately”.

"Israel must immediately stop its attacks against the Gaza population," Kalin said.

The Turkish government spokesman also called on the international community to “take action” to force Israel to halt its ongoing air campaign against terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

"The international community, which stays silent in the face of Israel's attacks, must take responsibility and take action.”

Gaza-based terrorists fired some 400 rockets and mortar shells at Israel over the past 24 hours.

One person was killed and another injured when a rocket fired by terrorists operating out of the Gaza Strip slammed into a residential building in the coastal Israeli city of Ashkelon.

In response, the IDF struck some 150 terrorist positions across the Strip.

Fighting broke out between Israel and Hamas after an Israeli special operations unit was uncovered deep in the Gaza Strip Sunday night, leading to a firefight between Israeli forces and Hamas terrorists.

Israeli aircraft were later called in to hit Hamas targets in the Khan Yunis area of southern Gaza

One Israeli officer was killed and another wounded in the fighting.

Seven Hamas terrorists were eliminated.

The IDF killed two terrorists Tuesday morning, including one involved in firing rockets at Israel, and a second who had infiltrated into Israeli territory. Four others were killed during Israel’s retaliatory strikes overnight.

A senior Israeli Air Force official said that despite the scope of the Israeli response, there have been few casualties in Gaza thanks to the careful efforts of the IDF.

“We hit dozens of targets in under two hours, including four ‘super targets’ – multi-story buildings in the heart of the city. We did all this without killing anyone, and we made sure that the surrounding buildings were evacuated.”