'We'll have a decisive victory over Hamas'

MK Miki Zohar confident Netanyahu will lead Israel to 'decisive victory' over Hamas, following wave of rocket attacks.

Hezki Baruch ,

MK Miki Zohar
MK Miki Zohar
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

With Israeli air units responding inside the Gaza Strip to a massive wave of rocket attacks overnight, coalition lawmakers expressed confidence Tuesday morning that the government will secure a decisive win against the Hamas terror organization which rules the coastal enclave.

MK Miki Zohar (Likud) expressed support for Prime Minister Netanyahu, who rushed back to Israel from an event in Paris marking the World War I armistice, and blasted opposition MKs over their recent comments regarding the ongoing conflict.

“It is sad, and moreover pathetic, to see all these politicians using the security situation to get themselves a little bit of airtime,” said Zohar.

“While they are blabbering to the news, the Prime Minister and members of the cabinet are doing serious, professional, and responsible work for the security of the country. I have no doubt in my mind that with God’s help, the Prime Minister and the security establishment will end this round of fighting with a decisive victory.”

Zohar’s comments came in response to criticism from Zionist Union MKs, who claimed the latest wave of Hamas attacks proved the need for Israel to reach a long-term agreement with the Palestinian Authority and aid the PA in reasserting its control over Gaza.

“We are in favor of a peace deal, and not war,” said Zionist Union chief Avi Gabbay. “But the situation right now reveals that there is no strategy, because this is a crisis which wasn’t taken care of [before, when there was still] time. Everything the cabinet is doing now is purely political and irresponsible.”

Opposition leader MK Tzipi Livni (Zionist Union) said the conflict proved the need for Israel to reach an agreement with the more “pragmatic” Palestinian Authority, and help it regain control over the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

“Residents of southern [Israel] deserve peace and quiet, but that will require a strategic change. The choice isn’t between war and surrendering to Hamas. When we will have quiet once more, we need to change the reality, to work with the more pragmatic elements and help them take back the Gaza Strip.”