IDF destroys Hamas building near schools

Building, in the heart of Gaza City near mosque and diplomatic facilities, served as intel, R&D center. It also contained a kindergarten.

Kobi Finkler ,

Map of IDF airstrikes
Map of IDF airstrikes
IDF spokesperson

On Tuesday morning, the IDF attacked a structure used by Hamas' military wing.

The building is owned by Hamas and used by the organization for military activity that includes gathering intelligence, research and development of the terrorist organization.

A weapons storeroom was also found in the building. The building is located in the heart of Gaza City, close to schools, a mosque and diplomatic facilities, and there is also a kindergarten inside.

This was the fourth attack on one of Hamas' main unique assets carried out following the IDF's extensive attacks and in response to the intensive rocket attacks on Israeli citizens.

The IDF Spokesperson stated that "The IDF is determined to carry out the task of protecting the citizens of Israel, and is prepared for various scenarios as necessary."